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(October 27, 2008) my parent's Mercedes blew a tire downtown and they were having trouble with the tire change. I was out in the suburbs and needed to get help to them fast. I immediately called Northside Performance and spoke with your brother who said he'd be on the way. The funny thing is that in the amount of time it took for my folks to get a call back from the motor club your truck arrived on scene (20 mins).

The tire could not be fixed on the street so your brother towed them to a shop you recommended in Greek Town that was great. Their car is a high-end model that you treated with great care. Northside Performance Towing is the best, I carry your card in my wallet at all times.

Thanks for taking such great care of our Family,


Northside Performance Towing was awesome. I hated that my Harley broke down but really appreciated the excellent service and fair pricing provided by "Butch." You will get all my business in the future, I have also been telling all my neighbors.